our village is growing
and we were able to add some new locations.

The iconic corner building of Schröderstrasse 1 and Gartenstrasse 7 

is the latest addition to our portfolio

and is looking for a new tenant. 

Equipped with our usual and unique WAAI design 

and coziness, there will be space for 10 - 34 desks,

conference rooms, phone booths and your own kitchen. 

Are you ready to move yet?

Meet our team to discuss further details and special requirements you may have.

We are excited to have you in our village and look forward to supporting you and your team.

Fully automatic coffee machine (JURA) and water (chilled/carbonated) in the kitchen area

Our kitchen keeps you hydrated and awake at all times of the day.

Dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils

Bring your food for breakfast or lunch. We have all the utensils to enjoy your prepped meals.

general setup

High-speed internet (own router or VPN encryption on request)

We provide everything to ensure a secure and reliable data communication.

Office desks and chairs, desk lamps and trash cans

Driven by the idea of effortless access we provide you with a plug and work office equipment.

Lockable rolling storage drawer

Secure and organize your personal things with our convenient storage drawers.

Our range of workspace starts with single offices (1 seat) but also covers the needs of grown companies.

Drop us a line and we will send out an individual exposée.

general amenities

reception- and 



service and

mailbox service

Our team is onsite throughout the work-week to provide a shared front-desk service and to handle your mail during the work-week.

facility management



IT support

We take care of the facility management, be it repairs, electricity or IT support.

concierge service


requests and


The concierge service provides assistance to ensure a frictionless experience with us.

cleaning service

twice a week

A reliable cleaning crew comes in twice a week to make sure the kitchen, private offices and communal areas are kept representative and clean.

display of company logo

in the

main building

Don’t be shy.

Grab attention with your logo as an integral part of making your company a successful one.

access to community rooftop terrace

enjoy the view!

Enjoy the view and the sun (not guaranteed ;-)) while working, relaxing, or socializing on our rooftop terrace.

1 months' notice

short notice

Our short notice period allows you to enjoy the perks of renting without having to commit to long-term lease.

Additional amenities:

community discounts

community discounts on WE’RE ALL IN conference room bookings

Use our variety of conference rooms if you’re planning to have a meeting with your colleagues or clients.

catering and event management services

assistance with meetings and events

With us you’ll get the most out of your meetings and events. Contact us to discuss options.

fruits and snacks on demand

boost your


Talk to us about your daily munchies and never get hangry again.

Let us know what your dream office should look like.